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Welcome Centre Immigration Services

Welcome Centre Immigrant Services is a one-stop service designed to guide and support immigrants in Durham and York Regions.

The Welcome Centre service delivery model is based on a holistic, flexible approach that provides a broad range of cross-sector services and expertise to immigrants/newcomers under one roof. Clients and service users are assisted with gathering information and resources and are supported in a welcoming, culturally-sensitive way. By using a coordinated, integrated case management system, clients are able to develop a one-to-one trusting relationship and access all the services they require to help them integrate economically and socially into the Canadian Labour Market and local communities.

Services at the Welcome Centre include: settlement and integration services, English language training, accreditation and qualifications information, employment supports and other services based on community needs (such as legal services, mental health services, culturally-appropriate family counselling, etc.)

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Are You Up To Date?

Elected Representatives:

Federal Government

  • Head of State: Representative of the Queen for all Canada is the Governor General: Julie Payette
  • Head of government in power: the Prime Minister : Justin Trudeau.
  • The Party in power is: Liberal Party of Canada
  • The leader of the opposition: Andrew Scheer
  • The official opposition is: Conservative Party of Canada
  • Other opposition parties & leaders are:
    • New Democratic Party of Canada, Jagmeet Singh
    • Bloc Quebecois, Mario Beaulieu (interim/president)
    • Green Party of Canada, Elizabeth May
  • My member of Parliament (MP) in Ottawa is: Jennifer O'Connell, Liberal Party of Canada
  • My federal electoral district is: Pickering – Uxbridge

Consult for maps of electoral ridings.

Provincial Government

  • Head of State: the representative of the Queen for Ontario is the Lieutenant Governor: Elizabeth Dowdeswell
  • Head of the government: the Premier is : Kathleen Wynne
  • The provincial party in power is : Ontario Liberal Party
  • The provincial opposition parties and leaders :
    • Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, Doug Ford
    • New Democratic Party, Andrea Horwath
  • My Provincial representative (MPP) is : Tracy MacCharles, Ontario Liberal Party.
  • My provincial electoral district is : Pickering-Scarborough-East
  • My Provincial representative (MPP) is : Joe Dickson, Ontario Liberal Party.
  • My provincial electoral district is : Ajax - Pickering

Municipal Government

  • The municipality where I live: City of Pickering
  • The head of the municipal government: Mayor Dave Ryan