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Pickering Public Library Connect

The Pickering Public Library Connect program is a 100% free government-funded initiative to bring the Library’s services out into our local community.

Making An Impact in the Pickering Community

“The major priority for this program is to meet the changing needs of Pickering residents and to successfully leverage the power of technology to create a more connected, engaged, vibrant, and sustainable community”, says Cathy Grant, CEO of the Pickering Public Library. “The internet has transformed our daily activities in a multitude of ways, as well as the scope of services the Library delivers to the Pickering community, and we’re thrilled to further push the boundaries of digital innovation. With the addition of the Pickering Public Library Connect vehicle, we’ll come directly to you, providing equitable access, technology education and mobile support, assisting all city residents through this significant and transformative change.”

With operational funding provided by the Government of Ontario, the Pickering Public Library Connect program is one of the key components to the City of Pickering’s Smart21 Communities commitment, a globally recognized initiative that invests in technology infrastructure with the goal of creating intelligent community ecosystems. Key services that the Pickering Public Library Connect Vehicle will support throughout the community will be wide-ranging, from addressing the basic needs of internet access through free wifi hotspots delivered directly to city residents, to educational instruction on the latest digital technology and trends, such as virtual reality and robotics.

The Pickering Public Library continues to expand its Pickering Public Library Connect program with the introduction of the Pickering Public Library Connect Vehicle, a mobile “library without walls” that serves the entire Pickering community by providing access to the internet, technology education and regional outreach. “Everybody’s needs are different and the Pickering Public Library Connect Vehicle allows the library to address those needs in both an individual and a collective way. We want the entire community to connect, learn and share together! Without the support and generosity of our key partners, we simply could not be able to play our part in this vital service and we gratefully acknowledge the City of Pickering and the Michael Boyer GM Dealership of Pickering for their on-going belief in the Pickering Public Library Connect program”, added Grant.

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