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The Pickering Public Library will be the heart of an engaged and creative community. We will enrich and inspire the lives of all residents; actively connecting people, ideas and cultures with openness and respect. We will be leaders in information technology, providing access to innovative technology for all. Pickering Public Library will be a destination - a fun place to visit, staffed by a diverse group of individuals who are committed to making a difference in the community.


1. Accountability: We are open and transparent and take responsibility for our actions and the services that we provide.

2. Collaboration: We facilitate collaboration which leads to increased community capacity and effective problem solving.

3. Equity: We provide accessible service to all members of the community with respect and fairness.

4. Flexibility: We quickly respond to the needs of the community.

5. Fun: We provide service with a positive spirit and sense of fun.

6. Inclusion: We welcome community feedback, partnerships, and participation in decision making and service development.

7. Innovation: We encourage creativity, experimentation and the generation of new ideas.

8. Service Excellence: We provide trusted professional service that exceeds clients’ expectations.

9. Sustainability: We value the City of Pickering’s vision of economic, environmental and social sustainability, and strive to ensure that our operations and actions are beneficial to both current and future residents of our community.

Inclusion and open access for all are fundamental aspects of the library. It is our pleasure to serve the literacy and learning needs of all the members of our diverse and growing community.