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Pickering is a city where learning is promoted in all its forms and promoted as a force for improved personal, social, civic, and economic change. The Library is the heart of the learning city.


To provide equitable access to the resources and ideas that inspire lifelong learning and well-being.


1. Accountability: The Library is responsible to its citizens and stakeholders for actions taken and decisions made .

2. Collaboration: We facilitate collaboration and community partnerships which lead to increased community capacity and effective problem solving.

3. Equity: Equity of access means that all people have the Library resources they need - regardless of age, education, ethnicity, language, income, physical limitations, or geographic barriers; they are able to obtain information in a variety of formats and are free to exercise their right to know without fear of censorship or reprisal.

4. Fun: We provide service with a positive spirit and sense of fun.

5. Community Engagement: Our Library service is developed with community feedback, and active participation in decision making and service development.

6. Innovation: We encourage creativity, experimentation, and the generation of new ideas.

7. Service Excellence: We provide trusted professional service that exceeds clients' expectations.

8. Inclusion and Diversity: The Library has a responsibility to contribute to a culture that celebrates diversity and fosters social inclusion.